Mama Quilla Music

Thanks to all you funky monkeys!

This gurl has the ability to put the FUN into Funk. With her fusion of funk and glitch she graces the stage for your auricular pleasure. Her performances are filled with feathered fancy and wild goddess movement.

A few years ago, I attended a music festival that awakened me and gave me a yearning for more, not just to listen but to play and produce music. After Flumes' success he decided to share a program that he had used to create his music and from there my journey has not stopped. I have been DJing for such a short time, just over two years, and in that time, I have gone from strength to strength playing all the styles of music that have brought me to where I am today. The same can be said about the tracks I am currently working on now – the genres include Electro swing, Funky glitch-hop, Progressive trance & House. My first release Swing Swing made it to number 1 in the Australian EDM chart on N1M.

I have played on the SEQ Festival circuit for over 12 months now with plenty of shows under my belt and I have also played for Fundraiser events, Fashion shows, Twilight markets and Wine Bars.

In the beginning you would have found me on the stage at events such as Water Frequencies, Happiness Hill, Purgery, Winter Solstice, Doofland, Crystal Waters Chill sessions, Tropical Bloom and Elements, with Cosmic Dreaming to finish off 2018. My most memorable events recently would have to be Earth Frequency and Bohemian Beatfreaks 2019. Thanks to everyone who has helped me from the other artists, my fans and followers and those that have been my rock, you know who you are ;-)

Music is my medicine and I'm living every moment one heartbeat at a time – Mama Quilla

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My latest most fave live streams for ya!

Mama Quilla feat. Sinergy in Motion

Quarantine live stream session featuring Sinergy in motion

Mama Quilla ~ Psyberland 2020

Here it is fresh from Frequencies TV